Harlowbury Primary School

Design and Technology

Design technology is important because it enables pupils to build skills that are essential for solving problems occurring in their everyday lives, as well as the expertise required for a successful career at the forefront of innovation & change.

At Harlowbury, we aim to develop creative problem-solvers, who are equipped with the skills and knowledge to thrive in a world that is becoming increasingly reliant on technology. This is achieved through a curriculum that enables children to explore a range of materials and processes, and how they may be used to innovate products that are useful, and which also take into account consumer preferences.

In most cases, D&T topics are linked to core and other foundation subjects. Therefore, children show high levels of motivation and engagement in lessons as they can apply the knowledge and understanding they have gained in other areas of the curriculum in a purposeful and practical manner. Children work collaboratively, developing their confidence and communication skills by engaging positively in the sequence of design, make and evaluate, as per the national curriculum.

Key designers, such as Dyson, are referenced through the curriculum, thus inspiring children to think big, and to realise the potential a secure grasp of D&T can afford them.

Key skills covered by the curriculum:

  • ü Research and analysis
  • ü Asking questions
  • ü Developing and testing ideas
  • ü Planning
  • ü Collaboration & communication
  • ü Assessing & evaluating
  • ü Practical skills – hand eye co-ordination, fine motor skills

Skills Progression